Server hardware is a ticking time bomb – it can melt down, run out of storage space, and even become obsolete causing your business to be at risk for a loss of productivity. The last thing any small or medium-sized business wants is to have a liability like obsolete servers running their applications and storing their data, which could potentially be lost at any moment.

At Data Troop, we understand that as a smaller business, you need to focus on your core competencies in order to succeed in an ever more competitive market. Having confidence in the server technology that’s running your business behind the scenes is key and that’s where Data Troop can help. We are there for you when you need servers installed and/or upgraded.

How To Tell If You Need Servers Installed & Upgraded

Focus on doing what you do best –selling your product or service – and let us worry about staying on top of your technology. We make the technology that supports your business, finances, and communications as seamless and invisible as possible, freeing you to spend your time and resources on more productive activities such as generating revenue. Here’s how you’ll know when you need servers installed and upgraded:

  • Slow Performance – As fast as business moves today, your technology needs to be able to keep up with your pace. If your programs and applications are running slow, it means it’s slowing you and your team down. Data Troop can keep your servers performing well, so you don’t lose out on productivity.
  • Running Out of Storage Space – As your business grows, there’s more data that you need to save, which ultimately means you need to have enough storage space to run all of your business programs and applications; in addition to storing data. When you keep receiving messages on your computer screen that say “Out of Memory” or “Memory Almost Full,” you are way overdue for additional storage space. Data Troop can help you plan your server space needs and install or upgrade all of your servers.
  • Noisy Servers and Constantly Running Fans – Do you hear your server always running and making noises? Are the fans in your servers constantly running? Then it’s time to call Data Troop to help. When your server hardware is constantly running, this is never a good sign. It can cause your technology to overheat and wear out fast, which causes risk for losing data if the servers end up breaking down. Don’t risk losing out on your production time because of your servers.


Why Do People Choose Data Troop

At Data Troop, our team of technology experts is available to help you with any server installations and/or server upgrades. We take a proactive approach to your business and treat you like a partner. Your technology needs become our concern and we value saving your business productivity time, avoiding emergency situations, and keeping costs low; all the while you are focusing on running and growing your business.

  • Experience – With over 10 years of successfully helping business maintain and manage their server technology, Data Troop has the proven track record that insures your business will be secure, stay ahead of the curve for technology needs, and continue running without any headaches or worrying.
  • Fast Response Time – Because we work with small and medium-size businesses, Data Troop understands the importance of quickly responding to your needs. You’ll be able to reach one of our technology experts fast without having to go through an automated phone system or wait on hold for technology support. We’re there when you need us – FAST.
  • Flexibility – Whether we’re helping you at your business office or even your home office, our goal is to make sure your technology is working for YOU. As a small business, we understand time is precious asset and there are only so many hours in the day. And that’s why we’re on the move with you. Home office? Business office? No problem. The last thing you want to do is spend it fixing the technology so that you can run your business applications and programs. Data Troop makes it easy, giving you the flexibility you need.
That’s why our server installation and upgrade services make sense for many companies. It offers you the capability to quickly and easily expand at a modular pace, keeping costs low, while enabling you to take advantage of our expertise – proficiency with servers, and their installation, configuration, and eventual upgrading.

If you are sick of wasting valuable time and money dealing with technical issues, contact Data Troop.

You’ll find that outsourced IT service for server installation, configuration, and upgrades will not only save you money, but actually allow you to increase your technical capabilities and level of service as well. Rely on the experts. Rely on Data Troop.

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