Want to Make $500 in 30 seconds? Refer a company to Data Troop.

Do you know a business that is struggling with technology? Data Troop has implemented a new referral program which compensates you for introducing them to the Best IT Service Provider in the Delaware Valley.

We are looking for companies with 5 to 100 employees to become one of our clients. Just submit your referral on the form on the right and if they enter into a Managed Service (Elite Care) contract with Data Troop, you’ll receive a $500 check- but wait, it gets better.

The second time you successfully refer a company to Data Troop you’ll receive a $600 check and the reward keeps growing with every successful referral. The reward can be made out to you or a charity of your choice. Just fill out the form on the right and we’ll contact within two business days.

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Disclaimer: Referral form must be completed to receive reward. Referred company must enter into a Managed Service (Elite Care) contract with Data Troop for 60 days before reward is presented. You cannot refer yourself or your employer.