Server hardware is a ticking time bomb – it can melt down, run out of storage space, and even become obsolete causing your business to be at risk for a loss of productivity. The last thing any small or medium-sized business wants is to have a liability like obsolete servers running their applications and storing their data, which could potentially be lost at any moment.


Would your business survive if you lost ALL of your data?

Data – the foundation of your business. You rely on data to operate your business, support your business’ compliance needs, keep information on your customers and prospects, maintain your inventory, and a host of other important things. As your business grows, your data continues to grow at an unprecedented pace. What would you do if all of your data disappeared? What if your servers went down and you couldn’t retrieve the information that is on them?


Imagine if your refrigerator could call you on the phone and tell you –“you’re low on butter, -the milk will expire in 2 days and someone was eating your favorite Ben&Jerry’s ice cream at 2am yesterday”.

The same proactive approach is used by our monitoring software.

Every minute your network is down is a lost sale, lost current customer, lost opportunity.

Whether it’s your back office servers, VoIP, video conferences or critical applications are down, Data Troop is constantly monitoring your network for outages and everyday performance to ensure your team is prepared to manage your business without any issues from your network.


Panic! That’s the feeling you get when your computer gets a virus and starts to take over your computer. You worry about your data and information being secure, the virus damaging your computer and how to remove the virus that’s causing you all of this anxiety. Data Troop can help with virus removal for any of your computers or laptops.


Is your patients’ information and data secure and in accordance with The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and regulations? As a healthcare provider, you want to provide the best possible care for your patients without the worry of IT problems like data security of sensitive electronic medical records.

With over 10 years of experience, Data Troop can help your business stay on top of HIPAA Compliance and Data Security laws. We provide compliant offsite backup, archiving and recovery solutions that automates the processes of securely backing up electronic medical records and data; in addition to file recovery.


Can’t carry all of your gadgets and data with you? That’s why it’s key to having remote access to all of your business applications, programs and data so you can keep running your business on-the-go. Enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere by accessing desktop and laptop computers, PC or Mac, over the web.


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Keep your systems and personnel productive with Data Troop's Workstation Management.


Each program provides varying levels of coverage based on user, desired results and budget without compromising quality. Workstation Management Services include monitoring of critical workstation components, workstation operating system updates and patch management, scheduled workstation activities, and antivirus software management.


Get everything you need to keep your servers running smoothly.

Taking Care of Business

We roll downtime response, backups, monitoring and more into our server management plans. Our Server Management service is recommended for all dedicated and co-located servers, especially web hosting servers. Our highly experienced team of system administrators will monitor and maintain your servers in order to provide maximum uptime and reliability.


Your network is critical to your business—but it's not the core focus of your business.


With Data Troop’s network management expertise, we will keep your network running at its best, minimize network downtime, increase application performance, and meet new networking requirements.

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