IT Consulting and Technical Support for Manufacturers

Manufacturers typically have a lot of technology that keeps their business running and maintaining this technology is extremely important as you don’t want to risk any downtime.

But an event as seemingly minor as an IT staffer taking a vacation or a corporate e-mail system malfunctioning can jeopardize the organization’s productivity time and profits — which ultimately affects your bottom line. And even when you’re not facing such technical issues, projects like installing or upgrading a new software platform may be simply more than your technical team can handle. What should you do?

Call Data Troop. We can help your team by supporting the wide and local area networking needs of organizations just like yours. Our technical consultants have real-time working experience in the manufacturing industry and will apply our expertise to protect your business, quickly resolving any issues that may arise while also ensuring that your business keeps running smoothly.

Data Troop – An Extension of Your IT Department

Outsourcing various IT projects like tedious internal system upgrades or installations can enable your team to focus on the pertinent tasks at hand. Whether you simply need to augment your staff to cover vacations or provide overflow support, Data Troop is added support for your existing IT department.

Our technical consultants will work side-by-side with your in-house technical professionals. Data Troop can handle a variety of tasks for your team, from large-scale installations and upgrade projects to smaller but equally important tasks, such as providing technical support to your in-house staff, customers or vendors. Don’t risk overloading your IT department, which could ultimately put your business at risk.

Improving MRP/ERP Systems Uptime

Your MRP or ERP systems suddenly goes down — what do you do? Data Troop can help monitor your systems and applications at all times so situations like this don’t turn into a full-blown crisis. Often times the impact from a crisis like this will be felt throughout your company, entire supply chain and beyond. How do you ensure that the technology you rely on is working like it should? By partnering with Data Troop – a technical consulting firm that understands the technology challenges the manufacturing industry faces.

Data Troop understands how important applications like your MRP/ERP systems are to your manufacturing business. Our technical consultants have years of experience working with all of the industry-standard packages, implementing and maintaining systems’ uptime. Working with Data Troop, our network specialists are available to work remotely or on-site to help with tasks like fixing corporate e-mail problems in minutes, and ensuring that your business continues running smoothly. We’re there when you need us.

Outsource Your Operation’s IT Management to Data Troop

If you need to augment your internal technical support staff or help desk team, Data Troop is a great solution for extending your team. If you are seeking IT management expertise, Data Troop is the answer. We work with a variety of manufacturers that have chosen to outsource IT management to Data Troop, as a way to decrease costs and benefit from C-Level technical talent.

Data Troop offers local support in New Jersey, Philadelphia and Delaware, in addition to providing remote (off-site) support to assist manufacturers with their IT consulting and technical support needs.

Why Do People Choose Data Troop

At Data Troop, our team of technology experts is available to help you with any data backup needs. We take a proactive approach to your business and treat you like a partner. Your technology and data needs become our concern and we value saving your business productivity time, avoiding emergency situations, and keeping costs low; all the while you are focusing on running and growing your business.

  • Experience – With over 10 years of successfully helping business maintain and manage their data and technology, Data Troop has the proven track record that insures your business will be secure, stay ahead of the curve for technology needs, and continue running without any headaches or worrying.
  • Fast Response Time – Because we work with small and medium-size businesses, Data Troop understands the importance of quickly responding to your needs. You’ll be able to reach one of our technology experts fast without having to go through an automated phone system or wait on hold for technology support. We’re there when you need us – FAST.
  • Flexibility– Whether we’re helping you at your business office or even your home office, our goal is to make sure your technology is working for YOU and that your data is secure. As a small business, we understand time is precious asset and there are only so many hours in the day. And that’s why we’re on the move with you. Home office? Business office? No problem. The last thing you want to do is spend it fixing the technology so that you can run your business applications and programs. Data Troop makes it easy, giving you the flexibility you need.

Data is the foundation of your business. Don’t wait until it’s too late to save your data. Data Troop can help you with your IT support needs. Contact us today.


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