An alternative to the time-consuming and expensive break/fix approach to IT support, Data Troop’s Elite Care actively prevents technical problems and network downtime from occurring in the first place. Elite Care provides:

  • 24/7 monitoring of your systems
  • Email alerts and notifications
  • Monthly Healthy Server Reports
  • Real-time Inventory
  • And much more…

Our goal is to keep your mind off IT and on your business.


Elite Care is based on a flat monthly fee which takes the guess work out of your IT budget and eliminates those fluctuating IT bills. For more information contact Data Troop at 800.828.3184.

Imagine if your refrigerator could call you on the phone and tell you –“you’re low on butter, -the milk will expire in 2 days and someone was eating your favorite Ben&Jerry’s ice cream at 2am yesterday”. The same proactive approach is used with our Elite Care plan.

When you enlist in Data Troop’s Elite Care plan, our Command Center will monitor your Servers, Computers, Printers, basically everything on your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll be notified when a system, either a piece of hardware or an application, is unavailable or is about to start causing you problems. In some cases we are able to correct problems before you even know they exist. We’ll also be alerted when there are unauthorized attempts to gain access to your system and when your computer just needs some software updates.

Monthly reports will be sent giving you an Executive Summary of the on-goings, alerts and patches applied to your network. View a sample Executive Summary report.

The Command Center also keeps an updated inventory of all your hardware and the software that is installed on your computers. It almost eliminates the possibility of inadvertently installing illegal copies of software and helps you crack down on employees installing non business related programs.

Data Troop’s Elite Care plan combines our unparalleled customer service along with our 24×7 monitoring Command Center to minimize downtime caused by system failures and IT support slow response time.

OnCall Service

Data Troop’s OnCall Service is a hybrid of our Elite Care Plan and a hourly or retainer based payment plan. The OnCall Service provides you with all the monitoring and baseline checks available to our Elite Care customers while using Data Troop technicians on an as needed basis. A small monthly subscription fee of $9/PC and $89/Server is required to receive the OnCall Service.

For more information about Data Troop’s OnCall Service, contact us at 800.828.3184



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