Would your business survive if you lost ALL of your data?

Data – the foundation of your business. You rely on data to operate your business, support your business’ compliance needs, keep information on your customers and prospects, maintain your inventory, and a host of other important things. As your business grows, your data continues to grow at an unprecedented pace. What would you do if all of your data disappeared? What if your servers went down and you couldn’t retrieve the information that is on them?

Do you have a data backup plan in place?

The systems and software you rely on to manage, store and protect this critical information have become more complex. Without your data, your business would quickly go out of business. Data Troop can help you create a data backup plan that ensures you will have access to your data, even if something does go wrong with one of your systems.

Benefits of Data Backup and Recovery:  On-site or Off-site

  • Regulatory and Compliance Standards Followed – All of our solutions address regulatory and compliance concerns. So whether you are concerned about Sarbanes Oxley, HIPPA, NCUA, Gramm-Leach- Bliley or another regulation, Data Troop has you covered.
  • Data Security – Your data is encrypted whether at rest or in motion. It is always kept highly secure.
  • Reduce Administrative Costs – Our data backup and recovery solutions reduce administrative costs because you no longer have to configure backup jobs, analyze backup logs, debug backup issues, or change tapes.
  • Cost-Savings – Save on hardware costs! No more tape drives, tapes, tape cleaning and maintenance, etc.
  • Faster Recovery Time – You’ll be back on your feet faster – All data is stored on disk so restore times are dramatically quicker. The data is always a couple of keystrokes away from restoration.
  • Highly Scalable Solutions – Data Troop’s processes allow the backup to manage a single server, desktop or laptop up to thousands of computers and their data. As your business grows, our IT solutions can grow with you allowing your business to remain efficient and secure at all times.


Why Do People Choose Data Troop

At Data Troop, our team of technology experts is available to help you with any data backup needs. We take a proactive approach to your business and treat you like a partner. Your technology and data needs become our concern and we value saving your business productivity time, avoiding emergency situations, and keeping costs low; all the while you are focusing on running and growing your business.

  • Experience – With over 10 years of successfully helping business maintain and manage their data and technology, Data Troop has the proven track record that insures your business will be secure, stay ahead of the curve for technology needs, and continue running without any headaches or worrying.
  • Fast Response Time – Because we work with small and medium-size businesses, Data Troop understands the importance of quickly responding to your needs. You’ll be able to reach one of our technology experts fast without having to go through an automated phone system or wait on hold for technology support. We’re there when you need us – FAST.
  • Flexibility– Whether we’re helping you at your business office or even your home office, our goal is to make sure your technology is working for YOU and that your data is secure. As a small business, we understand time is precious asset and there are only so many hours in the day. And that’s why we’re on the move with you. Home office? Business office? No problem. The last thing you want to do is spend it fixing the technology so that you can run your business applications and programs. Data Troop makes it easy, giving you the flexibility you need.
Data is the foundation of your business. Don’t wait until it’s too late to save your data. Data Troop can help you with your data backup needs. Contact us today.

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