Imagine if your refrigerator could call you on the phone and tell you –“you’re low on butter, -the milk will expire in 2 days and someone was eating your favorite Ben&Jerry’s ice cream at 2am yesterday”.

The same proactive approach is used by our monitoring software.

Every minute your network is down is a lost sale, lost current customer, lost opportunity.
Whether it’s your back office servers, VoIP, video conferences or critical applications are down, Data Troop is constantly monitoring your network for outages and everyday performance to ensure your team is prepared to manage your business without any issues from your network.

Data Troop offers peace-of-mind network monitoring services available to our managed service clients. Our network monitoring services include:

  • Real-time performance monitoring and tuning
  • Proactive fault detection
  • Traffic management
  • Equipment/software upgrade planning


Benefits of Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is a cost effective solution where a business’ IT network is monitored 24/7, delivering proactive management and performance. Here are some of the benefits offered:

  • Downtime is Reduced – Automatic alerts are available and allow Data Troop to be alerted of a problem immediately, before a situation becomes critical. Remote monitoring is 24/7, so any issues can be resolved with minimal latency even after-hours, reducing downtime.
  • Network Performance is Improved – Issues affecting a network will be recognized long before the customer is aware there is a problem. Keep your team functioning with maximum efficiency at all times.
  • Asset and Inventory Management – Gain greater control and efficiencies over your hardware and software assets when using an asset and inventory management program. With a central database of IT asset information in one place, Data Troop can proactively ensure upgrades and system deployments run effectively, making your business more productive and secure.


What Should You Monitor First?

Ideally, monitoring each and every network would be great. If you’re like most small businesses or mid-size businesses, you typically don’t have the time to spare or the budget to implement a full system. There are some core areas that you start with such as:

  • Local Area Network (LAN) Data
  • Email
  • Internet Data/Bandwith Usage
  • Application and System Performance
  • Server Status
  • Low Disk Space Notification
  • Virus Detection
  • Automatic Application Backup
  • Alerts to Existing Networks
A business never wants to experience network outages. By implementing network monitoring, businesses are provided with the IT support they need to oversee their networks, decreasing unwanted downtime. Rely on the experts. Rely on Data Troop. Contact us now.

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