Running a law firm requires constant attention to your clients and the important work you’re doing on their behalf – you can’t be distracted by technology concerns, and with Data Troop you won’t be. We specialize in providing complete IT management services for law firms of all sizes and enable you to focus on what you do best. Data Troop provides a wide variety of computer support services designed to keep your law firm’s technology functioning at peak efficiency, freeing you from worries about security, capacity, hardware and software problems and data backup. Beyond providing for the day-to-day needs that law firms share with any business, we are experienced and knowledgeable about the specific security and compliance issues that law firms face, and able to assist you in making sure that you are following legal industry best practices.

Legal IT Solutions That Make Sense For Your Law Firm

Data Troop has extensive experience with the software, hardware and applications that are most commonly used by law firms and attorneys. But beyond being knowledgeable about legal IT solutions, we are also aware of the special urgency that technological concerns hold for law practices. We provide a highly responsive team of technology experts who are available whenever you need us so that your questions are answered quickly. Even more importantly, we provide 24/7 monitoring services designed to ensure that unexpected problems don’t arise. Our attention is always on your system so you can rest assured that your network is running smoothly and that problems are either prevented from happening or addressed immediately in order to keep downtime to an absolute minimum and data security constant.

Data Troop offers law firms a variety of Managed Service Plans that will cover every aspect of your technology needs, from comprehensive programs to targeted plans that cover your workstations, servers and networks. To discuss your specific needs for technology coverage, contact us today.


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