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Keep your systems and personnel productive with Data Troop's Workstation Management. Each program provides varying levels of coverage based on user, desired results and budget without compromising quality. Workstation Management Services include monitoring of critical workstation components, workstation operating system updates and patch management, scheduled workstation activities, and antivurus software management.

Get everything you need to keep your servers running smoothly. We roll downtime response, backups, monitoring and more into our server management plans. Our Server Management service is recommended for all dedicated and co-located servers, especially web hosting servers. Our highly experienced team of system administrators will monitor and maintain your servers in order to provide maximum uptime and reliability.

Your network is critical to your business—but it's not the core focus of your business. With Data Troop's network management expertise, we will keep your network running at its best, minimize network downtime, increase application performance, and meet new networking requirements. 

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